Lincoln Paper and Tissue

Environmental Stewardship


Fast Fact:

Lincoln Paper and Tissue generates nearly 100% of the steam it uses from carbon neutral biomass.

At Lincoln Paper and Tissue, environmental stewardship is more than an industry buzzword; it is a core part of our business model.


Lincoln Paper and Tissue participates in certification systems to promote sustainable forest management, support environmental protection, and assure its customers and their end users that the products being purchased and used have been produced from materials and processed in a manner compliant with recognized standards for responsible forest management and environmental stewardship.  (See Products section for forest certification program details).

By converting wood wastes and the biomass solids left after waste water treatment into steam and electricity, and using clean natural gas to dry our tissue products, Lincoln Paper and Tissue annually saves over 10 million gallons of fuel oil, thereby greatly reducing air impacts and greenhouse gas emissions from the facility.   

Our waste water treatment plant ensures that process water is returned to the nearby Penobscot River in a manner that meets or exceeds strict State and federal regulations. Similarly, the mill's air emissions are a small fraction of allowable limits. 

Lincoln Paper and Tissue has a fulltime environmental department whose function is to assure compliance with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.  But environmental compliance is the personal responsibility of every employee.  Thus, employee training, education and improvement are essential to meet our environmental goals and are provided continuously by the Company.

Maintaining product quality, profitability and compliance with ever-evolving environmental regulations is a constant challenge. And it’s one that all of us at Lincoln Paper and Tissue are proud to continue to meet.

For more information about Lincoln Paper and Tissue's environmental stewardship, contact Dennis McComb, Environmental Manager, at (207) 249-8229 or email him at