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Lincoln Paper and Tissue's two paper machines are each about 16' wide and as long as a football field.

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Lincoln Paper and Tissue specializes in the production of premium quality Business Reply Card, Offset, Index, and Vellum Bristol, all used by many of the world's most successful printers and magazine publishers.

Because this genre of paper is our sole focus, Lincoln Paper and Tissue is able to offer the premium quality, product features, and favorable turnaround that our elite group of customers value and rely upon.

Lincoln Paper and Tissue's HY-Products are specially engineered to achieve superior performance at a lower basis weight than standard market products and typically offer an 8-15% higher yield; bringing customers significant savings in raw materials, freight and postage. In addition, our products are produced to a premium blue-white shade, creating maximum visual appeal.

Lincoln Paper and Tissue's products contain 100% of our own manufactured pulp, providing advantages in supply, quality, and pricing.  Created with approximately 50% recovered content using an elemental-chlorine-free oxygen bleaching process, Lincoln Paper and Tissue's paper products are an acceptable alternative to paper containing 30% Post-Consumer Waste, as specified by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive.

For more information on Lincoln Paper and Tissue's family of fine paper products, including specifications, pricing, and delivery, please contact our customer service team at (866) 744-3200 ext 614 or 615, or